Societies are definitely more complex today than they were even just 100 years ago. One aspect of society that has undergone particularly dramatic changes is the way in which products and services are developed, marketed and distributed. The good news is that, as a small business owner, you can have some degree of control over how you respond to these changes.

Consumerism and the Environment

The rise of mass production over the past century has brought with it a certain change in the quality of life of the average person. In connection with this change we have witnessed a tremendous growth in consumerism. While there are differing opinions as to whether the quality of life of the modern consumer is better or worse than what came before it, there’s a fairly large consensus among people in the Western world that this consumerist quality of life comes at a cost to the planet’s ecological balance. Part of this has to do with the nature of mass production itself. While the quantity (and speed) of production had increased to meet the demands of the consumer, the quality of what was being produced had decreased. This, in turn, created a situation where more and more product became disposable.

A New Way of Looking at Our Impact on the Environment

In the latter part of the 20th century a number of producers and consumers felt the need to address this problem. A new way of thinking about commerce came into being. Certain production and supply companies began to make changes in how they sourced, manufactured and/or distributed their products and services. The basic goal was to provide goods and services in a more environmentally responsible way. These suppliers began to distinguish their practices from those of other companies, and this came to be called Green Marketing.

In the present day, the Environmentalist movement has become more and more popular. Environmental educational is seen in all of the schools, veganism has started to become a trend, and recycling bins can be seen at every street corner. People are even taking the idea of a sustainable environment, and applying it to their personal lives.

So What Exactly Is Green Marketing?

Green marketing stands for conducting your business in a harmless way, this may be a product which is produced in a eco-friendly facility, it can be a service that uses sustainable activities, or a cosmetics product that does not support animal testing.

No matter what product or service you offer going green can be a way of conducting your business where you, your neighbor, and the planet can all benefit.

How Can You Go Green?

Going green with your business doesn’t have to happen overnight. It can take place gradually, and could start with something as simple as switching the regular light bulbs in your workspace to energy saving LED bulbs. In this case you benefit from lowering your electric bill, and the planet benefits from a decrease in energy usage. Another simple way to go green is to recycle your office paper.

Beware of Greenwashing

More than ever, present day consumers are looking to see if the company that they’re purchasing from is using practices that are beneficial to their employers, and to the planet. While branding and marketing are very good ways to let your customers know that you’re thinking about the planet, today’s consumer is able to more easily find out if you’re doing more than just thinking about. They know that certain corporations, and even small businesses, have hopped onto the go-green-bandwagon for the sole reason of increasing their own profits.

Go For It!

This is your opportunity to show your customers that your wish for a healthy environment is true, and not just a way to boost your business. Your customers will begin to put a trust in you and your company, and good things will follow.

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